Carrying out an innovative project to let Public Administrations and Tourist Boards offer services to citizens and tourists, meeting their needs in a technological and entertaining way.

How? Placing Tags in front of a city’s main attractions to let people enjoy a new way of sightseeing,
increasing the availability of information about tourist points of interest and
creating a sort of interactive guide of the city.

Development of a project concept suitable for specific cases and realities, and content analysis in order to offer the best solution for any different situation:

Location Analysis
Logistic support
Providing materials for the placement of Tags
Study and identification of contents and management of new contents through a CMS platform
IT infrastructures to manage the contents the Tags lead to

Integral part of UrbanTag is giving tourists and citizens a map: the best way to drive them to the fantastic experience of Microsoft Tag!
Printed on innovative material, it shows the interactive tour of the city, letting people discover the tagged places and landmarks.
The Tags printed on the map could disclose clues about the sights, making tourist experience even more appealing and enjoyable.
Microsoft Tag
Microsoft Tags are an evolution of information two-dimensional coding systems.
After downloading a free mobile application on your smartphone,
these special colored codes let you experience interactive contents, creating a link between real life and the digital world.

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