mediaKi.it has decided to invest on Microsoft Tag technology in order to improve company/brand communication dynamics.

Microsoft Tags give companies a technological image, increasing their brand awareness; furthermore, they are able to provoke emotions and create a sense of “mystery”, which can be disclosed by reading the Tag.

In marketing terms, they are very good tools to gain consumers' loyalty, as they allow to increase information about the product/service offered, giving unique contents that competitors are not able to offer.

mediaKi.it is the first and only web communication agency in Italy to be partnered with Microsoft Corporate for Microsoft Tag technology.

The Colours of Turin – Turismo Torino e Provincia
Panorama - Mondadori SpA – Weekly news magazine
KV Nordic – Salmon Packaging
Loescher Editore - Publishing House
“Dalle Antille a Torino” – Anthropological exhibit
Alfa Romeo Giulietta - Catalogues
EMI Music – Finley (Italian Pop Band)
Alps of Alta Val Susa – Promotional leaflets