The idea
Carrying out an innovative project to let Public Administrations and Tourist Boards offer services to citizens and tourists, meeting their needs and requirements, in a technological and entertaining way.

The project
UrbanTag leverages on mediaki.it expertise and knowhow on Tourism and Public Sector Applications, and on Microsoft Tag Technology in order to create a link between real tourist experience and the digital world.
The project consists in placing Tags in front of a city's main attractions and landmarks to let people enjoy a new way of sightseeing.
In fact simply by scanning the Tag with their smartphonse, citizens and tourists will be immediately driven in a world full of information and digital contents such as photos, videos, webpages, VRML 3D format.  All this in real-time.

Tags allow to increase the availability of information about tourist points of interest, creating a sort of interactive guide to the city.

This is the real force of Tag: transforming daily and real actions in on-line links of infotainment.

The solutions
Setting up an international project inclusive of specific technological solutions suitable for each different case and reality.

Urban Tag is an innovative solution entirely created and developed by the web agency mediaKi.it, that puts technology in the service of Public Administration and Tourism.

mediaki.it CMS Content Management System and CRM Customer Relationship Management platforms, used for instance by Turismo Torino e Provincia, allow to manage web portals, tourism portals, and any kind of content related to local business promotion.