UrbanTag offers solutions that can be modulated as each case requires. They include the development of a project concept suitable for specific cases and realities, and content analysis in order to offer the best solution for any different situation.

UrbanTag solutions include:

Location Analysis
Logistic support
Providing materials
for the placement of Tags
Study and identification of contents and management of new contents through a Content Management System platform
IT infrastructures to manage the contents the Tags lead to
Product Design
: map printed on innovative material showing the placement of Tags

Besides, mediaki.it offers the following services:

CMS - Content Management System Applications to manage contents for local business promotion

CRM - Customer Relationship Management to manage relations with the target audience, citizens and tourists 

Mobile application with geolocation of the tagged spots, for any kind of device (Iphone, Windows Phone, Android, Ipad)


UrbanTag is an integrated and innovative solution in the service of Public Administration and Tourism, addressed to International Market.