What the Tags are
Microsoft Tags are an evolution of information two-dimensional coding systems.
After downloading a free mobile application on your smartphone,
these special colored codes let you experience interactive contents, creating a link between real life and the digital world.

Landing Pages of Tags
Tags can be printed on any kind of material and when scanned, they can lead to:
Text and information
Video & MP3
VRML 3D format
Mobile webpages

Tags can be also used for managing special initiatives and events.

Tag Versatility
Through a platform of Content Management, the landing pages the Tags lead to can be constantly and autonomously changed.
This means driving people to different contents that can be updated in the course of time as each case requires.
For instance, on a first stage the Tag placed in front of an historical palace can reveal useful information about it such as opening hours, standing exhibits, photos of the internal halls etc.
On a second stage the same Tag could be matched to cultural gaming and contests, or show promotional videos.
Same Tag, different contents.

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